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Eine Sammlung an Wissen und Erfahrungen mit vielen Praxistipps zu SAP GTM und S/4HANA.
The primary business process for all trading companies is organising and managing the flow of goods and services. If possible, the simultaneous handling of purchasing and selling should be carried out within a single department. Of crucial importance is a structured and clearly-laid-out organisation of purchasing and selling activities. Trading tra...
The E-3 magazine makes an opinion and says confidently about itself: "No other German-speaking special interest magazine has similarly many opinions and comments." I am pleased to announce in the issue 04/2017 of the E-3 magazine in my guest contribution how GTM can help manufacturers become traders. You can download the article directly here: When...
 On 23 March 2017, the DSAG Working Group on Global Trade Management met in Kassel. On the agenda were new requirements for trading companies and new functions in S/4 HANA for transport management. At the working meeting, we discussed several ways how commercial companies can map the commissioning and monitoring of transports using GTM - with ...
Stock shipment is becoming increasingly important for global trading houses in the 21st century. Many intenational traders maintain their own production facilities and warehouses in order to make import and export processes more flexible and faster. Goods are transported more often and more quickly between different warehouses and must be rebooked ...

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