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Just Questions - No More Answers


Dear SAP community,

I write to you today to let you know, that my activities on the https://community.sap.com platform have come to an unexpected end.

At the 1st of October 2020, my customer record 7000xxx and together with it the s-user s0005012xxx representing my SAP mentors digital identity, was deleted by SAP without prior notice. I received it 2008 together with my SAP Netweaver CE subscription.

In my user this is indicated by the "inactive" tag next to my SAP mentors lemon. Being inactive means, that I can not login to the platform with this user anymore.

You can still follow me, use the tags I am monitoring, sent me a private message and comment the blogs I wrote for you. I will be notified about it, because I am still receiving e-mails, telling me about your activities. But you will receive no answer and no help from me anymore via this platform.

I will continue to support the SAP community on www.adventas.de/blog . Please make sure to follow me on twitter, LinkedIn or XING to get my updates. I also recommend you to subscribe my newsletter which I publish 10 times a year.



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