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We are experts regarding S/4HANA Global Trade Management

 The standard module SAP GTM (Global Trade Management) is the central interface for trading firms and all companies that need to harmonise the needs of their customers with the capabilities and requirements of suppliers. GTM enables you to organise and manage the flow of goods and services simply and reliably. In the 21st-century economy, where goods are handled in record time and supply chains require more and more planning and documentation work, the strategic security that GTM offers can scarcely be overestimated. The ability to map and handle purchasing and sales processes in a single system makes planning easier, faster and more reliable, while reducing error rates.

GTM is contained in SAP as a standard module and is also available in SAP S/4HANA. It comprises four core elements: trading contracts, incidental costs, position management and the Trading Execution Workbench.

A major advantage of SAP GTM can be found in its variability: it can be adjusted precisely to the processes of each individual company with or without extra add-ons. Naturally, this requires anticipatory and well-thought-out implementation. ADventas has overseen numerous GTM implementations and adjustments. This experience benefits our customers, who expect high efficiency with minimal expenditure and risks. Here we start with a comprehensive inventory and impact assessment to precisely estimate the implementation work and explain the schedule in detail.



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