2018 for the ninth time: Girls´Day at ADventas

On the 26th of April 2018, ADventas opened its doors on the occasion of the nationwide Girls'Day for seven- and eighth-grade students "to breathe IT- and developer- air".


The daily routine has proved its worth for nine years now: The students listen to a short introduction, which developers can do with the help of the binary code and then become developers themselves for one day. Using the simple programming language Scratch, they program their own computer game, which they then proudly take home. We were particularly pleased this year that ADventas Germany Fellow Jasmin Mohr was present and answered all the questions about everyday study firsthand to the girls. From the Girls ' Days of previous years we know that some participants later actually decide to study computer science. This is also urgently needed. Our industry relies on young female developers.

You can find a video of the Girls ´ Day on the following link::



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