Serv.IT Gesellschaft for IT Services GmbH of heristo ag

Serv.IT is the internal provider of IT services at heristo ag. One of its main responsibilities is the care and maintenance of the company’s business applications, foremost among them SAP.

Mr Langner had already been engaged by Serv.IT for various project tasks, error analyses and optimisations. One key task in 2012 was the programming of an interface from SAP to an external data warehouse in the management control department. The collaboration with Mr Langner encompassed in this example everything from technical conceptualisation and development, including function tests, to documenting the interface.

Our collaboration was excellent and successful through the entire period, the emphasis always being on the results. Joint consultation sessions between the functional departments and the IT staff were helpful and benefitted from the good ideas and simple solutions contributed as usual by Mr Langner. Our excellent collaboration will therefore continue into the future.

Marc White, SAP CO consultant, Gesellschaft für IT Services mbH,

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