Jebsen & Jessen GmbH & Co KG

Established in 1909, Jebsen & Jessen GmbH & Co KG is a trading company in Hamburg that belongs to a group of more than 50 companies with operations worldwide.

In an SAP introduction project with an emphasis on Global Trade Management (GTM), Mr Langner was responsible from March 2011 to December 2012 for data migration from our legacy systems to an SAP system. His responsibilities included designing, developing and setting up test scenarios. He was responsible also for the planning and subsequent realisation of the “going live” phase of this subproject.

His strong communication skills enabled him to productively coordinate collaborative work with the various functional departments and the other subprojects. The high level of Mr Langner’s professionalism and technical expertise guaranteed a successful outcome in this part of the project.

Mr Langer is remarkable for his extensive and wide-ranging yet specialised knowledge of the SAP system. He was able to apply this knowledge in the various areas of technical specialisation in a productive way, making the project work efficient and goal-oriented. Mr Langner’s high level of expertise in both technical and organisational matters ensured that the links to other subprojects were well-maintained.

Working with Mr Langner is something I can recommend without reservation.

Andreas Baum, IT Director, Jebsen & Jessen GmbH und Co. KG,

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